Zinora is a video game prototype designed by student-artists from NAD-UQAC in Montreal and student-programmers from UQAC in Chicoutimi. It is the result of the collaboration between two teams of students separated by 400km.

The game tells the story of Yubbe, a young space explorer in search of her missing brother. Accompanied by Oryx, her companion robot, she will have to explore the frozen land of Zinora and overcome many enigmas in order to discover the secrets of this frozen planet and find her brother.

My contribution



  • Mellisa Mana : Game Director, Lead Artist, Game Designer, Level Designer, UI Designer
  • Sandra Vasseur : Concept Artist, 3D/2D Animator
  • Marc-Etienne Foster : Level Designer, Level Artist, Environment Artist, Texture Artist
  • Gabriel Lapierre : Environment Artist, Props Artist, Texture Artist
  • Casandra Martin : Game Designer, Light Artist, Tech Artist
  • Moudif Dechicha : Environment Artist, Texture Artist
  • Jean-Sebastien Alexandre Mathieu : Character Artist


  • Alexandra Amen : Gameplay Developer
  • Anatole Martin : Game Design, Gameplay Developer
  • Gregoire Intzopoulos : Gameplay Developer
  • Julien Vannier : Camera Developer
  • Pierre Pattard : UI Developer
  • Yoann Potinet : Gameplay Developer

Music / Sound

  • Paul Dubreuil : Music & Sound